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Rainman Seamless Rain Gutters has been installing seamless rain gutters since 1991!

Our focus is on gutters and boy, do we know gutters! From the different makes and models, to new installation techniques and more, we’re your best choice for gutter expertise. We provide you with a quality system for moving water from your roof edge to the ground every time.

Seamless Rain Gutters

Rainman Seamless Rain Gutters uses the highest quality extrusion machinery to provide you a lifetime of leak-free service from your seamless rainware system. Our rain gutter extrusion equipment is well maintained and protected from the elements as they are transported within our fully-stocked cube vans. Our courteous installation staff is fully trained on all aspects of rainware installation requirements and expectations.

Here are some of the color choices we offer in aluminum and steel gutter and downspout. Please contact Rainman for actual metal color samples for more accurate color matching:

Color Chart Gutter Coil

Leaf and Needle Protection

Rainman Seamless Rain Gutters is proud to offer an outstanding product product for leaf and needle protection - Leaf Defier Gutter Protection System. Leaf Defier provides a sealed gutter system where the leaves and needles remain on top of the product, allowing the wind to remove the debris when dry. Your rain gutters continue to work properly even with debris on top while still allowing water to continue its flow through the protection system, into the gutter and out through the downspout.

Heat Cable

Heat Cable is used to keep the water flowing away from your home during cold winter weather. We offer two styles "Constant-On" and Thermwire, a Self-Regulating heat cable. They both have advantages based on your home and requirements.

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting (RWH) is a new and exciting system used to collect rainwater off your roof for use in irrigating yards and gardens, filling the pool or washing the car. Rainman Seamless Rain Gutters is pleased to offer the new and innovative RainWater H2OG for collection and storage for non-potable water.

Decorative Rain Chains

Rainman Seamless Rain Gutters offers a complete line of rain chains, decorative alternatives to traditional enclosed downspouts. We are an authorized dealer for RainChains, Inc., a California-based manufacturer and supplier of quality and unique rain ware products.

ClearGutter Professional Maintenance Program

Tired of cleaning your gutters and trying to fix them yourself? Rainman Seamless Rain Gutters is pleased to offer ClearGutter Professional Maintenance Program, a comprehensive rain gutter service program to the Spokane Area! ClearGutter is an annual maintenance program designed to maintain your investment in your properly functioning rain gutter system. Rainman will return to your home as often as agreed to clean your gutters, check for leaks and damage, re-pitch your gutter (if required and if possible), and roof cleaning (if safe and if possible). This program does not include repairing damage from winter weather or physical damage caused by acts of God, etc.


Rainman Seamless Rain Gutters also installs snow brake on metal roofs. In most cases we recommend at least two rows of snow brake but the pitch of the roof has great impact on the quantity and location of each row of snow brake. Our installers use self-sealing screws on top and bottom of every rib. We install both Custom-Bilt Metals and RSP Metal colors. Self-installation is also available.


Flashing is used by roofers, brick layers and rain gutter installers to divert water from unwanted areas into the gutters or past the fascia. Your house may have a style of flashing known as D-Metal, a type of drip edge. In our 20 years of experience we have found that water may wick back from the shingle edge, run down the face of the D-Metal and run down the fascia board, staining and deteriorating the condition of your paint and/or wood. Most of the time we are unable to properly install rain gutters under D-metal flashing without damaging the flashing or shingle, or the drip edge is too small to allow the gutters to stay tucked over any distance. In order to remedy this situation we recommend installing counter flashing on top of the existing D-metal style flashing to extend the edge so that the water will travel a path that leads it to the center of the gutter rather than down behind the gutter.